How to find the Church Attic key in Redfall
Church Attic key Redfall
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How to find the Church Attic key in Redfall

Gain access to the attic

There are dozens of keys that players will eventually add to their keychain in Redfall. From mandatory keys that players need to complete story missions to completely optional ones, there is no shortage of locked doors and chests in Redfall. Of course, there are easier keys to find than others, and many players might need some help finding the tougher ones in Redfall, such as the Church Attic key.

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This particular key is part of the main story mission called “What’s In The Attic?” This quest comes during your stay in Burial Point and can be accepted at the Maritime Center. If you try and find the Church Attic key before this point, your efforts will be unsuccessful. For those that are on this quest and need to find the Church Attic key, check out how we did it!

Finding the Church Attic key in Redfall

Despite the Church Attic being located at the Chickering Church in Burial Point, the key for the attic is nowhere near this location. Instead, the key is found at Pastor Powell’s house, which is where players are instructed to go after accepting the What’s In The Attic quest from the Maritime Center.

At Pastor Powell’s house, players can go through the front door and go up the stairs that are straight ahead. Players can turn directly around once they are at the top of the stairs and find a room with a blue mattress laying on the ground. The Church Attic key is located on top of the mattress, and players can pick it up without any trouble.

Provided by Bethesda

From here, you can bring the key back to the Chickering Church and unlock the attic with it. Be careful, though, as a vengeful Pastor Powell is waiting for you as a vampire once you open the attic.

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