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One of the many locked locations on the Burial Point map in Redfall is the AstroRedfall Garage. When players approach this location, they will find that there are two different ways to open the small structure. One is through hacking the garage with a Rewire Kit, which can be done by going to the front of the garage.

However, if players don’t have a Rewire Kit on them, then they will have to find and use the AstroRedfall Garage key, which is in a tricky location.

Next to the AstroRedfall Garage, there is a larger house that players can enter with no trouble. There may be some vampires and other cultists around the house, but players can take them out rather easily. Once inside the house, players will be looking for the AstroRedfall Garage key. If you have been struggling to find it, though, you can read our guide below for exactly where to look.

How to find the AstroRedfall Garage key in Redfall
Provided by Bethesda Softworks

Finding the AstroRedfall Garage key in Redfall

No matter which way you entered the house, you will want to head to the ground floor office room that is found situated between the side door and the back door. The office has a large white rug in it along with a lit lamp on a wooden desk.

If players choose to look on the desk, they will find the Garage key setting right underneath the lamp. As you might have guessed, this unlocks the AstroRedfall Garage. Players can take the key to the side door of the garage and open it up to reveal what’s inside.

AstroRedfall Garage key
Provided by Bethesda Softworks

Players won’t find much inside the garage except for some lootable items and a couple of weapons. However, sitting on the sleeping bag, there is a note that players can read to start a new side quest in Redfall.

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