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One of the first side quests that players will likely take on in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, called “Cheers,” involves a supply of poisoned water. After talking to a man named Julian in the Bazaar, players witness a confrontation between him and two other people. One of these people claims that Julian sold her husband poisoned water and that he’s close to dying. After they leave, Julian tasks Aiden with finding two people to help prove he was set up. One of those people is Marco, the water supplier, a man who can be difficult to find in Dying Light 2.

Julian tells the player that Marco can be found in the Houndsfield region. If players track the quest, they’ll receive a yellow objective marker telling them where Marco is located. However, this marker only brings players to a building, seemingly without an entrance. Below, players can find out how to get inside this build, track down Marco and complete this quest.

Finding Marco the water supplier in Dying Light 2

Players should head off towards the yellow objective marker in the Houndsfield region after leaving Julian. The No. 1 icon is the one that relates to Marco, with the No. 2 icon going to Hans. Players should follow the first icon, which will bring them to a building that has a few floors but no visible entrance inside.

The entrance that players seek isn’t a door, but a window on the top floor. This window is located roughly 18 meters away from the yellow objective diamond. The exact window players will want to go through is shown below.

Dying Light 2 window to get to Marco
Players will have to go through a window to get to Marco. | Provided by Techland

The left window with the yellow spray paint is the window players should go through. Once inside, they can go down one more level and find Marco next to a window. After talking to him, players will have to clear out some zombies at the bottom level. Then they have a decision to make with Marco.

Players can discover and make that choice for themselves. However, the Cheers quest is fairly straightforward once players find Marco the water supplier in Dying Light 2.

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