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One of the first missions that players will take on in Dying Light 2 Stay Human involves traveling with Hakon to get a Biomarker. This device tracks the progress of the infection inside Aiden, letting the player know when they need to get out of the darkness and into some light. It also lets the player go anywhere in Villedor, as it’s required to enter any facility or safe zone. During this mission, players will also stumble across an Inhibitor, which is one of the rarest items in Dying Light 2.

An Inhibitor is first given to Aiden when Hakon finds him in the bazaar. Aiden is dangerously close to turning after being bitten by a Volatile in the metro station. With the Inhibitor injected, though, Aiden stays alive. He also uses the Inhibitor to regain strength when looking for the Biomarker inside of a GRE hospital. The device is like a steroid that players can take to upgrade their stamina or health. However, they need three of them before they can decide which stat to upgrade.

Below, fans can see where they can find Inhibitors in Dying Light 2.

Finding Inhibitors in Dying Light 2

As the game tells the player, Inhibitors are the only way of upgrading max health and stamina. When players find three of them, they’re given the option to upgrade one of the stats. This can be done in the Skills menu, along with unlocking Skills. Upgrading max health and stamina is important for the Skills, as some Skills are tied to having a certain stamina or health stat.

Dying Light 2 Inhibitors upgrade
Inhibitors are the only way of upgrading max health and stamina. | Provided by Techland

To find more Inhibitors, players need to look inside blue GRE crates. Most of these crates are inside GRE Quarantine and GRE Anomaly zones. These zones are marked with a biohazard and skull icon on the map. Players can search through these zones to find the blue crates that can only be unlocked with the GRE key.

Most of the crates will be located on the ground level, so it would be wise for players to track down these crates during the daytime. In this way, they can avoid being stopped by too many zombies before they find a crate.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Inhibitors
To find more Inhibitors, players need to look inside blue GRE crates. | Provided by Techland

Aside from those zones, players can also look in other parts of Villedor for GRE crates. The location of every crate has yet to be discovered but the game states that players can find them “off the beaten path.” This likely means that some deep exploration will be required for players looking to upgrade their stamina and health.

Having a higher stamina stat will let players fight and parkour for longer amounts of time. This is the stat players should invest more of their upgrades into, but health is always important as well.

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