How to find Bones in Enshrouded
How to find Bones in Enshrouded
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How to find Bones in Enshrouded

They're found where you think

Within your first few hours of Enshrouded, you’ll need a variety of resources for certain recipes. Whether it’s for a tool, weapon, armor, or something in your base, dozens of recipes are available to you early on in the game. One of the more perplexing resources you’ll need to find in Enshrouded are Bones, which are required to build a Staff and other gear.

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The Staff is likely the first crafting recipe you’ll notice calls for Bones, but the resource becomes a common sight in more advanced recipes as you progress. Once you know where to find Bones, they are extremely easy to acquire and even farm. However, learning how to get Bones can be a little tricky, so allow me to help.

Finding Bones in Enshrouded

If you thought that Bones comes from looting dead creatures around Embervale, then you would be right. The most common method I have found of getting Bones is to kill a wild animal, such as a wolf, and loot its body. More often than not, some Bones are waiting for me to take and add to my inventory. You can easily find wild animals right around the starting area of Enshrouded, particularly in the forests.

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Although, Bones are not guaranteed to spawn when you kill a creature, so don’t expect them every time you go to loot a dead creature. In addition to Bones, you’ll see Animal Fur drop from dead creatures as well, which is a resource commonly required for certain pieces of armor.

I have also stumbled upon Bones by looting random chests around Embervale, so make sure you’re exploring every nook and cranny as you complete quests and explore the map. If you manage to find some Bones, you can use them, along with Resin, to make a Staff from your Crafting menu. The Staff is a more powerful magical ranged weapon than the Wand, so I recommend making one as soon as possible.

A Staff calls for Bones and Resin. Screenshot via Upcomer

Other than that, you’ll see some random recipes call for Bones as you make progress in Enshrouded, so I recommend keeping a healthy stash of them on hand. If you need more storage space in Enshrouded, read my previous guide on how to make a storage chest for your base.

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