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One of the first key items that you will likely stumble across in Elden Ring is a Stonesword Key. These items are among the most valuable that you can find in the Lands Between and should always be looked out for. However, with them being so valuable, the developers at FromSoftware have made them rare. Also, some players might not know what to do with the keys once they find them, as there’s no clear explanation.

Stonesword Keys are mainly used to open barriers, which usually hold some type of rare weapon or item. These barriers aren’t too plentiful in Elden Ring, but are common enough for players to want a Stonesword Key on their person at all times. Below, players can see exactly where they can use Stonesword Keys and where to find them.

Finding and using Stonesword Keys in Elden Ring

The primary use for a Stonesword Key is to open Imp Statues. These statues are scattered across the map and usually precede some kind of barrier that will open if players use a key on the statue. Your first run-in with an Imp Statue will likely be within the first 30 minutes of the game. There’s one in the tutorial area just before you enter the Lands Between, as seen below.

Stonesword Key Elden Ring
An Imp Statue in Elden Ring. | Provided by FromSoftware

Of course, you won’t have any keys on you at that point. So you’ll need to go scavenging in order to open these statues and see what’s inside. To find Stonesword Keys, you’ll need to look all across the map, as they can be found in chests, on dead bodies and some are even sold by nomadic merchants.

Once you have one Stonesword Key, don’t stop there. Some Imp Statues require you to use two of the keys in order to see what’s inside the barrier or access another area. You will know if you need two depending on how many keys are on already in a given statue. For example, the Imp Statue in Sofria River requires two keys to ascend up to the surface. However, only one key is required in the Roundtable Hold to access the first statue barrier (which holds a nice crossbow).

Stonesword Key Elden Ring
The inventory description for the Stonesword Key. | Provided by FromSoftware

All in all, you need to search anything you come across or buy your Stonesword Keys from merchants to find them. Then, you need to find or remember where Imp Statues are on the map and use the keys on them in Elden Ring.

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