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After a dominant showing during the beta, the Necromancer class has been one of the more popular ones in Diablo 4 at launch. While the class did see several nerfs from the beta, it’s still a strong leveling class that can be quite enjoyable to play. However, some players who chose Necromancer are curious about how they can start their class-specific quest in Diablo 4.

Every class in the game has its own questline that gives them access to its unique class mechanic upon completion. For example, Druids get access to the Spirit Animals feature while Barbarians get to equip a Technique in their Weapon Expertise slot. This is only accessible after the class-specific quest has been completed, though, so Necromancer players want to know exactly where and when they can start theirs.

Starting the Necromancer quest in Diablo 4

Necromancer quest Diablo 4
Provided by Blizzard

Just like all of the other class quests in the game, the Necromancer quest does not become available to players until they reach level 15. At this point, players will receive a new Priority Quest in their quest log as well as a new quest marker on their map. Luckily for Necromancers, their class quest takes place in Fractured Peaks, meaning they will already have explored some of the region.

The Necromancer quest is called “Call of the Underworld,” and you can travel to the Priority Quest marker (light-blue icon) on the map to start it. The marker is placed in the Western Ways area of Fractured Peaks, and you will find an NPC named Maltorius in this location. They are standing near an Altar of Lilith statue, and after speaking to them, you will be told to collect 12 Unbroken Bones.

This is done by killing enemies that spawn around you, so it doesn’t require much work. After that, return to Maltorius and they will direct to you a cave to fill up the Jar of Souls. After the Jar is filled up, Maltorius will come to you in the cave and the quest will be complete. As a Necromancer, you now gain access to summoning Golems. I explained exactly how that mechanic works in a previous guide, but essentially, you now have access to a much more powerful summon.

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