How to find and farm Sulfur in Palworld
How to find and farm Sulfur in Palworld
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How to find and farm Sulfur in Palworld

A key ingredient in the creation of gun ammo

When you start to unlock the crafting recipes for different guns in Palworld, you’ll begin to need more advanced resources. One of the paramount resources required to aid in the use of guns is Sulfur, which is used to create Gunpowder that’s then used to make a wide variety of ammo in Palworld.

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As you likely know, guns won’t work without ammo, so you need to know how and where to get Sulfur. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many locations that spawn Sulfur, so you’ll have to do a bit of searching to find it. In the guide below, you can see every location where you can find Sulfur in Palworld.

Finding Sulfur in Palworld

What a Sulfur deposit looks like. Screenshot via Upcomer

First off, Sulfur appears as a deposit in Palworld, just like ore or coal. Sulfur deposits are large, yellow rock formations that stick out amongst the other kinds of deposits in the world.

There are two primary locations where Sulfur can spawn: in dungeons and desert biomes. You’ll most commonly find Sulfur in desert biomes, as there are several across the map of Palworld where you can search for the resource. The biggest desert biome is located in the northeast corner of the map, but that’s full of high-level Pals. If you’re looking for a lower-level area, you can visit the central desert biome, as seen in the screenshot below:

Screenshot via Upcomer

Here or in any other desert, run around until you see the yellow rock formation. Once you find one, use your Pickaxe to mine the Sulfur. I recommend bringing at least a Metal Pickaxe, as that will mine the Sulfur much quicker.

As for dungeons, you can find a couple of Sulfur deposits in most dungeons you visit in Palworld. Dungeons are any caves with a boss you physically enter on the map. They are spread out across the island, usually underneath cliffs or in hard-to-reach locations. Inside the dungeons, look in every room for a Sulfur deposit. I don’t recommend using dungeons to farm Sulfur, though, as the deposits aren’t nearly as common there as they are in the deserts.

Those are the best ways to go about getting Sulfur in Palworld. If you really want to farm it, head to a desert biome with nothing in your inventory and keep looking all across the area for Sulfur. You should be able to find enough to fill up your inventory, giving you all of the Sulfur you need for quite a while.

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