How to find and farm Pure Quartz in Palworld
How to find and farm Pure Quartz in Palworld
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How to find and farm Pure Quartz in Palworld

A tricky resource to find

One of the mid-game resources you start needing more and more of in Palworld is Pure Quartz, which is used in the creation of Circuit Boards.

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Circuit Boards aren’t unlocked in the Technology menu until level 35, so you won’t need any Pure Quartz until then. However, once you reach that level, you need to know where to find Pure Quartz, as you likely haven’t run into the resource up to that point in Palworld. To see where you can pick up a ton of Pure Quartz, check out my guide below.

Finding Pure Quartz in Palworld

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For starters, Pure Quartz is a deposit that you can mine using a pickaxe, similar to Coal or Sulfur in Palword. Pure Quartz takes the form of a black rock with shiny diamond-like crystals at the top of it. I suggest having at least a Metal Pickaxe when mining Pure Quartz, as you’ll acquire it much quicker, but a Refined Metal Pickaxe is the optimal tool.

There’s only one primary location where Pure Quartz is located on the island, and that’s in the Astral Mountains region. This area is found at the northern end of your map and is home to some high-level Pals, so I only suggest coming here once you’re roughly level 35-40. You can see where the Astral Mountains region starts on the map in the screenshot below:

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As you can see, if you head northeast from the desert biome with Alpha Anubis, you’ll reach a plateau where the Astral Mountains region begins. Then, as you progress further north, you’ll uncover more of the region. However, you can find plenty of Pure Quartz right at the base of the mountain, so you don’t need to head north unless you’re ready.

Of course, the further north you go, the more Pure Quartz you’ll run into, which is the ideal scenario if you want to farm the resource. The best spot to farm Pure Quartz in the region is located at the coordinates (-212, 250), which has a whopping nine deposits. You shouldn’t need that much Pure Quartz right away in Palworld, though, as making Circuit Boards doesn’t require much of the resource.

Once you have your Pure Quartz, you can make Circuit Boards using it and Polymer at a Production Assembly Line. Circuit Boards are used to make better Assembly Lines, several items at a Pal Gear Workbench, and other base items in Palworld.

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