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If you have traveled the map of Palworld enough, you likely ran into an Alpha Pal called Wumpo Botan. This massive Grass-type is an intimidating foe, but it’s the secondary form of another Pal, simply called Wumpo, in Palworld. While Wumpo Botan is fairly easy to find, the same can’t be said for Wumpo, who only spawns in one region on the map.

Wumpo is a pure Ice-type that shares many of the same stats and traits as its Grass-type counterpart. However, if you want to catch the primary form of Wumpo, you’ll have to travel to one of the more dangerous areas in Palworld.

Finding Wumpo in Palworld and how to catch it

Screenshot via Upcomer

With Wumpo being an Ice-type, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you need to travel to a frigid biome on the map to catch it. However, there are two ice regions in Palworld, and only one of them has the ability to spawn Wumpo.

That region would be the Astral Mountains biome, which is the northernmost area of the map. Wumpo has a chance to spawn just about anywhere on the mountain, but you can see exactly where the Ice-type Pal can spawn in the screenshot below:

Screenshot via Upcomer

I recommend going during the day if you’re hunting for Wumpo, as it tends to blend in with the map if you go when it’s dark out. Wumpo can be anywhere from levels 40-45 in the Astral Mountains, so you’ll need to ensure you’re at the appropriate level before trying to catch it. You’ll also need proper cold resistant armor if you plan on traveling to the Astral Mountains; regular Metal or Pal Metal Armor won’t be sufficient.

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Once you manage to find a Wumpo in the wild, I recommend using either a Hyper or Ultra Sphere on it. You could also use a Legendary Sphere if you wanted to make quick work of Wumpo, but an Ultra Sphere yields a high capture rate as well. Finally, you’ll want to use Fire-type attacks to whittle down Wumpo’s HP, as those attacks are super-effective against its Ice-typing.