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Neutral-type Pals aren’t the most attractive options for your party, as they’re not super-effective against any other element in Palworld, but Fenglope is an exception to that rule.

Fenglope is a strong mid-game Pal that can learn a variety of attacks, making it quite versatile in combat. It’s not too strong of a base Pal, however, as it only has one Work Suitability at a low level. Still, if you’re interested in simply catching Fenglope for your Paldeck or using it in your party, you can check out the guide below to see where to find and catch it in Palworld.

Finding Fenglope in Palworld and how to catch it

Screenshot via Upcomer

There are two ways to go about easily catching Fenglope in Palworld: defeating its Alpha form or capturing one in the wild. If you want a Fenglope as quickly as possible, then I recommend going for its Alpha form, as you can find that much quicker than you can locate the Pal in the wild.

To find the Alpha form of Fenglope, you have to venture to the west of Rayne Syndicate Tower. Alpha Fenglope is located in the region between the tower and the volcano region to the west, as you can see in the map screenshot below.

Screenshot via Upcomer

Alpha Fenglope is only level 25, so you should be able to defeat it once you reach roughly level 21-22. As Fenglope is a Neutral-type Pal, using Dark-type attacks is the easiest way to damage it and get its HP low enough to start throwing spheres at it. For Alpha Fenglope specifically, you’ll want to mainly use Giga Spheres to capture, as those have a high capture rate after the Alpha has dropped below 500 HP.

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On the other hand, to find Fenglope in the wild, you’ll have to wait until you’re roughly level 40. Wild Fenglope are only caught in the volcano region on the west side of the map or at Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3, located in the far northeastern corner of the map, as seen below.

Screenshot via Upcomer

Wild Fenglope at either of these locations are around level 40, so make sure you and your Pals are at the right level before heading out. Also, if you go to the volcano region, ensure you’re wearing some form of heat resistant armor, or else you’ll burn up almost instantly.