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Lyleen is one of the better Grass-type Pals you can add to your party or base in Palworld, but catching it has proven difficult for many players.

Your first encounter with Lyleen might have been at the Free Pal Alliance Tower, where a large Lyleen and her master, Lily, challenge you to a fight. However, as you likely know, you can’t capture tower bosses in Palworld, so you’ll have to find another way to add Lyleen to your Paldeck. In the guide below, I’ll go over exactly how you can find and catch Lyleen in Palworld.

Finding Lyleen in Palworld and how to catch it

There are two ways to catch Lyleen in Palworld, and both are extremely difficult. The first way is to hatch Lyleen from a Huge Verdant Egg, which you can do randomly or by breeding. Lyleen can be bred by putting Mossanda and Petallia in a Breeding Station together. I have previously gone over exactly how Breeding Stations work if you need more details.

Once the two Pals have bred, you are left with a Huge Verdant Egg, which you can incubate, and eventually, Lyleen will hatch from it. This is the easiest way to go about getting Lyleen in Palworld, as it doesn’t require any RNG.

However, the next method requires much more than RNG. If you want to go out into the wild and catch Lyleen, you have to travel to the far northeastern corner of the map. Here, you’ll find Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3, which is only accessed by using a flying mount. You can see where the location is in the map screenshot below:

Screenshot via Upcomer

I only recommend traveling to that location if you are a high level (level 40), as the Pals there are extremely strong. If you happen to find Lyleen roaming around here, you’ll want to use at least a Hyper Sphere Sphere to try and capture it. Although, an Ultra or Legendary Sphere will make things much easier.

Lyleen’s stats in Palworld

With how much trouble Lyleen is to capture, you might want to check out its stats before committing to the Pal:

  • Type: Grass
  • Partner Skill: Harvest Goddess
  • Work Suitability: Planting Level 4 / Handiwork Level 3 / Medicine Level 3 / Gathering Level 2
Screenshot via Upcomer

While Lyleen is a strong Pal, you likely won’t be able to acquire it until you reach roughly level 25-30 in Palworld, which is when you can start breeding it after capturing Alpha Petallia. Until then, you’ll have to bide your time.