How to find and beat Menasting in Palworld and all rewards
How to find and beat Menasting in Palworld and all rewards
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How to find and beat Menasting in Palworld and all rewards

Alpha Menasting isn't easy to reach

One of the tougher Alpha Pals to locate and defeat in Palworld is Menasting, a nasty Dark and Ground-type that can decimate you and your party within the blink of an eye.

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While Menasting makes a terrific addition to any team, its Alpha form is not easy to locate on the map. You can see the icon for Alpha Menasting just fine, but that icon isn’t the entrance to Menasting’s cave. Instead, you have to go to a new location to enter the cave and challenge Menasting.

To see where to find Alpha Menasting, how to beat it, and the rewards for doing so in Palworld, check out the guide below.

Alpha Menasting location in Palworld

Alpha Menasting is located in the large desert biome on the northeastern side of the map. Here, you can find the icon for Alpha Menasting just north of the southern tip of the region. However, as previously mentioned, that’s the underground location for the Alpha. To get to its actual location, you need to head south.

More specifically, head down off the cliff to the southwest of Alpha Menasting’s icon on the map, as seen in the screenshot below:

The entrance to Alpha Menasting is located where the marker is. Screenshot via Upcomer

At the marker on the map screenshot, you will find the “Dessicated Mineshaft,” which is the entrance to the cave where Alpha Menasting resides. Head through the mineshaft and you’ll find the large scorpion Pal waiting for a challenge.

How to beat Alpha Menasting in Palworld

As Menasting is a Dark and Ground-type, you’re best served if you bring a Dragon or Grass-type with you in your party. Or, at the least, bring Pals that know attacks of those types.

In my case, I brought Warsect for super-effective Grass-type attacks and Jormuntide to provide some Dragon-type attacks. This worked well, but only because my Pals were around a similar level to Alpha Menasting.

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The Alpha is level 44, so I only recommend challenging the Pal if you have a party of at least level 41. If not, Menasting will blow through your team in a heartbeat with its high attack and incredible defense. Alpha Menasting also has just over 3,500 HP, so you’ll need to deal quite a bit of damage to capture it.

Speaking of capturing, I highly suggest coming equipped with either Ultra or Legendary Spheres before entering Alpha Menasting’s cave. Hyper Spheres have an extremely low capture rate, even at low HP, and Giga Spheres don’t work whatsoever.

As for your character, equipping a Single-Shot Rifle or Assault Rifle is going to be your best bet. I advise you to stay as far away from Menasting as possible since it has some devastating close-range attacks. Shooting at a distance will keep you alive much longer.

Alpha Menasting rewards

Once you have either captured or killed Alpha Menasting, here’s a list of the possible rewards you will get:

  • Ancient Civizilation Parts
  • Coal
  • Venom Gland
  • Precious Claw
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Your first capture or kill will likely yield all of these rewards, and then any subsequent defeat will only give you a mixture of those rewards.

That’s everything you need to know about finding and defeating Alpha Menasting in Palworld.

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