How to find Amelia's toy rabbit in Redfall
Amelia's toy rabbit Redfall
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How to find Amelia’s toy rabbit in Redfall

A pesky little rabbit

As you begin to finish up all of the quests in the first half of Redfall, you will come across a mission that requires you to hunt down some of Amelia’s most-valued possessions. Amelia was Dr. Addison’s daughter and she was brutally killed by her father after he performed medical experiments on her. To honor her, Reverend Eva wants to build a memorial for her. In order for the memorial to properly honor her, players need to find Amelia’s toy rabbit in Redfall.

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The toy rabbit was last seen at the church’s lost and found after Amelia forgot it there previously. Eva tasks you with going to find the toy rabbit, but when you get to the church, you are sent on a true easter egg hunt. If you want to find Amelia’s toy rabbit in Redfall, you can keep reading our guide below.

Finding Amelia’s toy rabbit in Redfall

For starters, when you arrive at the church, you want to head behind the preacher’s stage through either door on the left or right. Here, go to the middle of the hallway, past the dead bodies in the next room, and then up the stairs to the second floor. You will find an office here with a desk in the back left corner of the room. Go to the desk, pick up Amelia’s first item on the desk, and then read the note on the bulletin board.

The note will say that Amelia’s toy rabbit could have been donated, but you need to find a donation list to be sure. To find the donation list, go back out to the entrance of the church where there are all of the missing person posters. Go up the stairs on the right hand side of the room and then go up the next flight of stairs to reach the attic. Keep going up the stairs until you find a ladder that goes up. However, don’t go up that ladder.

Amelia's toy rabbit Redfall
The spot where you find the donation list. | Provided by EA

Instead, look directly underneath the ladder to find a small platform with a dead body on it. There will also be a table with a note on it, and that’s the donation list. Read it, and you will find that Amelia’s toy rabbit was in fact donated to the mobile home community northwest of your location.

Head to the mobile home community, which is marked on your map. From here, follow the yellow quest marker on your compass to find Amelia’s toy rabbit. For reference, though, the trailer that you find the toy rabbit in is seen in the screenshot below.

Amelia's toy rabbit Redfall
Provided by EA

Once you have the rabbit, head back to the fire station, up to the meeting room, and then place Amelia’s items on the window sill. Then, talk to Eva, and this quest will be complete in Redfall.

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