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One of your first tasks in Redfall is to find a staked weapon so you can kill a vampire that is keeping civilians hostage in a fire station. The vampire is located in the basement of the fire station, but you are unable to kill it without a staked weapon. Bullets and other forms of damage will weaken the vampire, but the only true way to finish it off is by driving a stake through its heart.

When you first enter the fire station in Redfall and find the civilians, the game will task you with finding a staked weapon somewhere in the building. If you are particularly struggling with finding the staked weapon, then you can keep reading our guide below to see exactly where to find it in Redfall.

Finding a staked weapon in Redfall

In the fire station, you will have to enter the basement with the vampire in order to find the staked weapon. Don’t worry, though, as the vampire is in a separate room in the basement and will not notice you come in unless you go right up to it.

Directly before you enter the room with the vampire in it, you will see a blood trail going from the stairs to a dead body on the floor. If you go up to the dead body, you will find a shotgun on the floor lying next to the body. Pick up the shotgun, and the game will say that you now have a staked weapon. That’s all there is to finding a staked weapon in Redfall, as most of the weapons you find will come pre-equipped with a stake already attached.

find a staked weapon in Redfall
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Your next job is to enter the next room with the vampire, attack it with your shotgun or any other weapon, and then finish it off with the stake attached to your new shotgun.

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