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Just like most other modern games with a large world, Minecraft Legends allows players to fast travel and get to previously visited locations instantly. This is especially useful as it prevents players from having to slog all the way across areas of the map that they have already explored.

Fortunately in Minecraft Legends, there are a couple of different ways to fast travel.

While the methods are separate, they both accomplish the same goal, which is instantly teleporting to a specific location. Players are able to visit friendly villages that they have already visited but they can also set up their own personal fast travel spots around the map. To find out how to take advantage of both of these fast travel methods in Minecraft Legends, keep reading the guide below.

Using the fast travel system in Minecraft Legends

Provided by Mojang

The first and easiest way to fast travel is to open your map and then hover over a village that you have previously encountered with your cursor. You will have the option to fast travel to that village by pressing the dedicated button on the bottom right hand side of the screen. I found this version of the fast travel system to be the most effective, as most of what you will need during the middle and end parts of the game is at a specific village.

However, you can also build Wellhouses, which act as your own personal fast travel spot. Wellhouses can be placed almost anywhere, so they really come in handy when you are going back and forth between one or two spots. To build a Wellhouse, you need the following resources:

  • x250 Wood
  • x250 Stone
  • x75 Iron
  • x50 Prismarine

Once you have those resources in your inventory, you can build a Wellhouse on the map. These act as both a teleport spot for fast travel but also a respawn point in case you die in Minecraft Legends.

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