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One of the oldest mechanics in open-world games is the fast travel system. This simple but effective feature allows players to quickly travel between two points to cut down on time spent aimlessly meandering out in the world. In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, the fast travel system has returned. However, some players might need a quick refresher course on how it works compared to the original game.

The option to fast travel doesn’t become available to you until you’re at least a few hours into Dying Light 2. Without spoiling too much of the game’s story, you’ll need to have made it to the Central Loop before you’re able to fast travel.

Using fast travel in Dying Light 2

After you’ve made it to the Central Loop and met a certain Sniper, you’ll see an in-game message that says fast travel has been unlocked. The game says that you can open up the map to see where you’re able to fast travel.

Dying Light 2 fast travel
The in-game message for fast travel. | Provided by Techland

When you see that message in-game and make it out of the Central Loop, you can fast travel between any Metro Station and established Faction Hub. This includes locations in Old Villedor as well as the new city you would currently be in.

To fast travel, all you need to do is open the map and select a green location, such as a Faction Hub in Old Villedor. You’ll know a location can be used to fast travel if it has three right-pointing arrows over it, as shown below.

Dying Light 2 fast travel
One of the fast travel locations. | Provided by Techland

While hovering over the location, a small menu will pop up that outlines the details of the location. On this menu will be the option to fast travel. Just click the button to fast travel and you’ll be transported to that location.

As you discover more areas in Dying Light 2, more locations will pop up that you can use fast travel to.

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