How to farm Thin Beast Bones in Elden Ring
Elden Ring Thin Beast Bones
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How to farm Thin Beast Bones in Elden Ring

An actual farming method

There are plenty of ways to tackle combat in Elden Ring. Whether you’re a traditional melee user, a magic-wielding sorcerer, or someone who likes to tinker with both, you have numerous options as to how to deal with enemies in the Lands Between. However, one combat method that is often overlooked is ranged attacks. More specifically, ranged attacks using arrows or crossbow bolts. These types of players are few and far between, but they certainly exist. If you are a ranger in Elden Ring or are planning to be one, you will need to know how and where to find Thin Beast Bones.

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This item is the main resource you need in order to craft all of the arrows and bolts available in Elden Ring. Thin Beast Bones are primarily received as drops from animals, such as sheep, deer, and hares. Without a solid way to farm Thin Beast Bones, you will have to rely on your ability to randomly find farm animals out in the wild. Luckily, we have an extremely easy farming method that will yield you hundreds of Thin Beast Bones per hour in Elden Ring.

Farming Thin Beast Bones in Elden Ring

For this farming method, you will need to visit the Tombsward Site of Grace, which is located in Weeping Peninsula. You can see exactly where the Grace Site is in the map screenshot below.

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At this Site of Grace, you want to head due north and hop down the small cliff that’s in front of you. From here, make your way across the valley until you spot a herd of sheep. There should be anywhere from five-nine sheep here at a time.

Once you spot them, we recommend you get on your mount and wait for the sheep to get into a position where they’re all relatively close to one another. Then, you can bring out your melee weapon and use its heavy attack. This will drag the weapon across the ground, killing whatever it comes into contact with.

So, with the sheep all lined up, get a running start with your mount, use the heavy attack, and run over as many sheep as possible. With enough luck, you will kill five or six of them. Go loot their bodies, kill any remaining sheep that are close, and then repeat this process by heading back to the Site of Grace. In just 10 or so minutes, you should have a solid amount of Thin Beast Bones, which you can then use for your arrow or bolt crafting in Elden Ring.

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