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The most important part of Redfall is having a weapon with a stake on it. The developers have stuck true to vampiric lore, and players in Redfall can only kill vampires with a staked weapon. One of your first tasks in the game will be to find a staked weapon, which can be done by looking around the fire station where you have to kill your first vampire.

However, what about weapons after the free one that the game gives you at the fire station? Players are curious if they have to attach their own stake to the weapons they find in Redfall or if there is some other crafting process that is required. Below, you can find the answer to all of your questions regarding equipping a stake to your weapons in Redfall.

Equipping a stake to your weapon in Redfall

Fortunately for players, the process of attaching a stake to a weapon could not be easier. This is largely because players don’t have to do anything to get a stake on their weapons.

equip a stake to your weapon in Redfall
Provided by Bethesda Softworks

Most of the guns that you will find and loot in Redfall will already have a stake attached to them. The only exception to this rule appears to be pistols, as those weapons are too small to fit a stake on them. The rest of the game’s weapons will almost always come with a stake pre-equipped, meaning players don’t have to worry about attaching one themselves.

If you want to use a pistol in Redfall, we recommend always having a weapon with a stake on it equipped in the slot right below your pistol. This will allow you to damage a vampire with your pistol and then when you want to kill the vampire, you can quickly swap to your staked weapon.

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