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Developer Techland has ported over and improved upon many aspects of Dying Light to Dying Light 2 Stay Human. One of these aspects is the Skill Point system, which has been revamped in the sequel. While fans of the original game will recognize it instantly, brand new fans of the series must know how to earn Skill Points in Dying Light 2.

Unlike traditional RPGs, Dying Light takes a more custom approach to unlocking Skill Points. Players still need to progress through levels in order to unlock more advanced upgrades for their characters, but those levels are split up beyond the player’s standard character level. Below, players can see exactly how to earn Skill Points and what they can use them in Dying Light 2.

Earning Skill Points in Dying Light 2

In the sequel to Dying Light, players have two distinct skill categories: Combat and Parkour. These categories have 24 and 25 total skills, respectively, which focus on upgrades specific to the category they are in. For example, the first skill players unlock in the Parkour section gives them the ability to jump and grab ledges at a higher distance. The beginning skill for each category serves as a base for all other skills in that section. Players continue to build off those skills with each new upgrade they acquire.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Skill Point screen
In Dying Light 2 players have two distinct skill categories: Combat and Parkour. | Provided by Techland

To unlock more skills, players need to progress through the Combat and Parkour Points leveling system. The system rewards players with XP depending on the actions they perform out in the world. If players mantle an object or jump from over a gap, they’re rewarded with a varying amount of Parkour Points. After 3,000 points have been earned, players are granted one Parkour point, which they can use on skills within that section. The same goes for fighting zombies or peacekeepers and earning Combat Points.

As long as players are actively running around, and performing parkour moves or fighting with enemies, they’ll be earning points to unlock more skills. Players can track their progress of earning Skill Points by going to the Skills section of the menu and hovering over the Combat and Parkour Points icons.

With enough playtime and progression, players will have every skill unlocked in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

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