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Fall Guys recently launched for all major consoles, coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch for the first time. Developer Mediatonic was also able to release the game as free-to-play, thanks to their buyout by Epic Games. Since Fall Guys has received so many new players with the recent release of Season 1, we thought it might be prudent to go over one of the game’s most important mechanics: the dive.

While diving is certainly a mechanic players need to master, there’s a secondary reason why the mechanic has become a talking point within the community. Recently, a viral clip floated around social media that showcased a Fall Guys player making it through an entire level by mainly diving across to different jump pads. This clip got players talking, with some asking how they can dive in Fall Guys like the player in the clip did.

If you’re wondering how to dive in Fall Guys because of the clip or for another reason, we have you covered.

How to dive in Fall Guys

As players might expect, each console has a different button that makes the Fall Guys character dive. Below, PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox players can see the button they need to press to perform a dive.

  • PC – Left Ctrl
  • Xbox – X
  • PlayStation – Square
  • Switch – Y

For PC players, the Left Ctrl input might be changed depending on if you changed the keybinds prior. Left Ctrl is the default input for a dive, though.

If players want to take their game up a notch, they can also perform an extended dive. This simply requires players to press the “Jump” input right before diving. Once they’re in the air, they can hit the dive input to extend their movement. This gives players more air when diving and allows them to reach far-away platforms or hit a target.