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Portal Revolution has captured the attention of fans of the series, but some of the game’s puzzles are proving to be very tricky. Early on, Portal Revolution’s Chamber 8 is confusing a lot of people, but this walkthrough will help you figure it out.

While it’s been almost 13 years since we got an official Portal title, Second Face Software has given us the chance to return to Aperture Science thanks to Revolution, a custom-built mod built for Portal 2 owners.

The early part of Portal Revolution sees us proving our intelligence in a series of puzzles inside the Aperture Science building, with each getting trickier than the last. Chamber 8 is causing many people issues, and if you’re one of those people, I’m here to help.

A portal Revolution level, with a red laser, an orange portal
This game is hard. Image via Second Face Studios

Portal Revolution Chamber 8 walkthrough

This chamber is definitely tricky, and it took me a while to figure it out myself. I found the early stages of it straightforward, but towards the end is when it gets a little confusing, and you need to have your wits about you to see it through.

Thankfully, I spent ages bumbling my way through it for you, so all you need to do is follow the steps below and you should be able to get through it with no problem.

  1. As you walk into the room, fire a blue portal on any of the white panels on your right.
  2. Walk through the portal to come out on the orange portal’s platform (referred to here as Platform A.)
  3. On Platform A, press the red button to drop a Reflective Cube. Turn around, and fire your Portal Gun at the white panel on the platform on your left (referred to here as Platform B.)
  4. Walk through through the orange portal holding the Reflective Cube. Walk over to the laser beam, and use the Cube to aim it back through the blue portal.
  5. With the laser now coming back through the orange portal and activating the lift, drop off of Platform B and fire a blue portal at any random white panel. Walk over to the lift, stand in it, and place the blue portal back where it was a moment ago. The lift will now take you up to Platform C.
  6. On Platform C, grab the Cube sitting up there, and drop onto Platform A. Use the orange portal to travel to Platform B, and place the cube on the big red button.
  7. Drop off Platform B, fire a blue portal at any white panel, walk over to the lift, fire the blue panel back onto Platform B, and go back to Platform C. Stand in front of the laser receiver, turn around, and now fire your blue portal at the wall.
  8. Drop back onto Platform A, and press the button to receive another Reflective Cube. Take it, and set it so that the laser now fires into the orange portal into the receiver to activate the door. Walk through the orange portal, and then walk through the door to exit the chamber.

If you’re struggling to follow this, or just find it easier to watch something, check out the video below which shows me completing Chamber 8.

Armed with this information, you can now go into Portal Revolution and finish the first chapter. Only seven more to go!