How to claim pre-order and Deluxe Edition content in Diablo 4
How to claim pre-order and Deluxe Edition content in Diablo 4
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How to claim pre-order and Deluxe Edition content in Diablo 4

Grab the content that's yours

Prior to the early access launch of Diablo 4, there were a few different pre-order bonuses that were promised to players. In addition to that, players who ordered special editions of Diablo 4, such as the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition, are also expecting some extra content.

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However, when players first log into the game and begin their adventure in Sanctuary, that additional content will not be readily available.

Naturally, players want to access that content as quickly as possible. To do that, they need to know exactly how, when, and where that content becomes available. If you bought the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of Diablo 4 or are a pre-order player and need your extra content, we will answer all of your questions in the guide below.

Claim pre-order and Deluxe Edition content in Diablo 4

The main two pieces of content that players will want to access are the Wings of the Creator emote and the various mount armor cosmetics. There are some other items that are available in other games as well as the Battle Pass that is available for free to Deluxe and Ultimate Edition buyers. This guide will focus on the emote and mount cosmetics, for the most part, though.

In regard to the mount armor, when you arrive in the town of Kyovashad, you can walk up to the Stable Master (horse icon on your map) and see all of your available mount cosmetics. Unfortunately, you cannot equip them onto a mount until the start of Act 4 when you gain access to the Donan’s Favor quest. So you’ll have to wait on that content.

Luckily, the Wings of the Creator is available right from the start. You can equip it by opening your Emote Wheel (E on PC) and selecting it from the available list of emotes.

When it comes to the Battle Pass, you will get your Season One unlock and tier skips when the pass launches. That release date is currently unknown.

So there you have it; you should know where all of your pre-order and Deluxe/Ultimate Edition content is in Diablo 4.

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