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One of the first decisions you will make in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is setting your difficulty level.

You have several different options when it comes to the difficulty level, including Story Mode, Jedi Padawan, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, and Jedi Grand Master. Obviously, the Story Mode level will be the easiest and doesn’t present much of a combat challenge while Jedi Grand Master requires utmost precision and top-notch skill to simply survive basic fights.

For most players, we would recommend that you start right in the middle with Jedi Knight. This gives you the most balanced experience possible, as your damage taken and the aggression of enemies are both set to average values. If you played Fallen Order, however, you might want to bump it up to Jedi Master. For newcomers, Jedi Padawan could be the way to go.

Either way, if you ever want to change your difficulty level during the middle of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you can do so with a couple of easy button presses.

Changing the difficulty level in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

To change the difficulty level of your game, all you need to do is hit the Pause menu button. For PC, this is Esc while controller players can hit Options.

From this menu, press the Settings Cog all the way to the right of the taskbar at the top of the screen.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor difficulty level
Provided by EA/Upcomer

In the Settings, go to Gameplay and then the first option here will be to change your difficulty level. You can see exactly what the values are for Parry Timing, Incoming Damage, and Enemy Aggression here. The lower those stats are, the easier your game will be, and vice versa.

You can change your difficulty level at any point with no consequences in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, so feel free to experiment as much as possible.

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