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One of the Starting Keepsakes in Elden Ring is called a Boiled Prawn. This item provides a large defensive buff for a certain amount of time, which is quite useful in the early portion of the game. However, after players have used up the five Prawns they received from the start, there doesn’t seem to be another location that sells the item. While this seems to be the case for the entire game, there’s actually one location that sells Boiled Prawns for a relatively cheap price.

In order to reach this location in Elden Ring, you’ll need to reach the region of Liurnia. This is found north of Limgrave, past Stormveil Castle. If you’re in Stormveil and can’t get past Margit or Godrick, then you can choose to skip those bosses and go straight to Liurnia using a shortcut.

Below, you can see where to buy the Boiled Prawns in Elden Ring.

Buying Boiled Prawns in Elden Ring

To start, you need to visit a specific mausoleum in the middle of Liurnia Lake. This isn’t a Walking Mausoleum, though. Instead, you’re looking for a smaller one that’s located right next to the Telescope in the middle of the lake. If you’re just getting to Liurnia, you need the region’s map to see where it is, which we’ve previously covered. Look at the map below for a screenshot of where to go.

Elden Ring Boiled Prawns
The location of the Mausoleum in Lirunia. | Provided by FromSoftware

Once you find the Mausoleum, you can speak to the woman inside. She will say she needs her necklace back and sets you off to find it. To locate the necklace, go directly northwest and you’ll stumble across the Boilprawn Shack, which has a Site of Grace and an NPC sitting next to a pot of lobsters. Talk to this NPC, named Blackguard Big Boggart, negotiate to get the necklace back and you’ll open his Boiled Prawns shop.

You can now return here at any point to buy Boiled Prawns for a modest amount of Runes (600). However, as you keep progressing in Elden Ring, Big Boggart will move his shop. To find him next, go to the outer moat of Leyndell, Royal Capital, near the Capital Rampart Site of Grace.

We advise not killing this NPC, even though he drops some loot, as he’s important for two reasons. The first is he can be summoned in a future boss fight and the second is he plays a major role in a future quest.

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