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There are plenty of strong Fire-type flying mounts in Palworld, but none are stronger than Faleris. This late-game Pal isn’t caught easily in the wild, so the best way to add Faleris to your party early in Palworld is to breed it.

As with any Pal you want to breed, you need to know the right breeding combination before you attempt to hatch Faleris out of an egg. There are only two Pals that have the ability to breed Faleris when paired together at a Breeding Station in Palworld, and you can see exactly what they are in the guide below.

Breeding Faleris in Palworld

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For starters, I’ll say that you shouldn’t expect to breed Faleris until the mid-game of Palworld. One of the Pals you need to breed Faleris is fairly advanced but can be acquired once you reach around level 23. The two Pals you need to breed Faleris are:

  • Male/Female Anubis + Male/Female Vanwyrm

It doesn’t matter whether Anubis or Vanwyrm is male or female, you just need one male and one female in the Breeding Station. I went with a male Anubis and a female Vanwyrm, but only because that’s what I had in my Palbox.

Vanwyrm can be caught just after you defeat the Rayne Syndicate Tower in Palworld. I went over their exact locations in a previous guide, but you can find Vanwyrm at roughly level 12 and above. As for Anubis, that’s another matter. There’s a level 47 Alpha Anubis in the central desert region of the map, but you won’t be able to catch that until the late game.

The easier option for catching Anubis is to breed it. There are several different breeding combinations to hatch Anubis, but the quickest ones you can use are as follows:

  • Male/Female Penking + Male/Female Bushi
  • Male/Female Quivern + Male/Female Chillet

Both of these breeding options yield Anubis, which you can then use to breed Faleris. All of the Pals required to breed Anubis are found as Alpha Pals on your map, with Bushi and Quivern being level 23. As such, I don’t recommend trying to take them on until you’re roughly level 20. As for Chillet and Penking, their Alphas are found at levels 11 and 15, respectively. Although, both of those Pals are also found in the wild much more frequently and at lower levels than Bushi or Quivern.

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Any way you slice it, you need to first breed/catch Anubis before you’re able to breed Faleris. Once you have Anubis and an opposite-gendered Vanwyrm, throw them in a Breeding Station together with some cake and after some time, a Huge Scorching Egg will spawn. You can take that egg to an Egg Incubator and eventually, hatch your very own Faleris in Palworld.

You can read my previous guide on how to work the Breeding Station in Palworld if you’re unclear about the breeding process.