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Husk of Elder Pannion
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How to beat The Husk of Elder Pannion in Last Epoch

It can be easy.

The first major Last Epoch boss that you will face is The Husk of Elder Pannion. This battle is the most challenging of the game’s early campaign, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

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With the right game plan, you can easily make short work of Elder Pannion and move on to the next chapter stronger than ever. To help you out, here’s a look at how this boss functions and the best ways to avoid failure while dealing major damage to the fallen sorcerer.

How to beat The Husk of Elder Pannion

Elder Pannion in battle
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Fighting The Husk of Elder Pannion can be extremely difficult for any Last Epoch player as the cost of being struck by some of his abilities is your life. That being said, if you’re able to learn the pattern and get out of the damage zone, then this fight can be a breeze.

What to watch out for

Elder Pannion has a variety of elemental spells that can be cast from range. Fortunately, you can see most of these moves coming with blast zones appearing moments before they are triggered.

Here is a full list of Elder Pannion’s attacks:

  • Frost blast
  • Darkness circle
  • Meteor crash
  • Fireballs
  • Electric shock
  • Fire Laser

How to fight The Husk of Elder Pannion

When you see the frost blast, darkness circle, or electric shock prepare to activate your only objective should be to get out of the blast radius. If you are a ranged fighter then this is your chance to attack, but if not, wait until the attack is over and then head in to deal some blows.

Avoiding the meteors is simple as they appear as circles on the ground before landing, just make sure you continue to move until they stop. When the fireball casting begins you’ve got two options. For ranged fighters, you should keep avoiding them on the outside, but melee attackers are better off dashing into range. This will allow you to avoid the attack, and also get free damage off.

How to avoid The Husk of Elder Pannion’s Fire Laser

The last attack is the most dangerous, and the one you need to avoid at all costs. The fire laser. This beam of fire can one-shot many builds so be very careful when see this begin.

Fortunately, the attack will always do a complete 360 in a clockwise direction, this means if you’re able to get back to an area that it has already passed you won’t be in danger for the rest of the attack.

Get as close as possible to The Husk of Elder Pannion when this attack begins and slowly move to his back as it continues and you will be completely safe to deal big damage.

Now that you have a gameplan for each attack this should be enough to help you get through the battle in only a few tries and have the chance to experience more of Last Epoch. If you’re still stuck we suggest grinding some extra levels before attempting the battle.

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