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Over the course of your journey in Starfield, you will be able to recruit and assign crew members to different positions. You can have one companion as your follower who will fight alongside you in combat, but the rest of your crew will stay behind at their designated post. This can include your ships, Outposts, and other bases.

While this system is exciting for players who have always dreamed of having their own space crew, the assigning process is actually quite confusing. After you recruit a crew member, you will be able to assign them to a position you have available. However, after this occurs, it can be difficult to find the crew member sheet again so you can swap out assignments.

In this guide, I’ll go over exactly how to find your crew member sheet and how to assign crew members to different positions in Starfield.

Assign members to your crew in Starfield

Accessing the crew member sheet where you can choose your assignments is actually very easy once you know what buttons to press. First, you need to open up your ship’s menu. For me on PC, the default keybind for this is “H.” On the ship menu screen, you will see an option in the lower right corner that says “Crew” followed by what button you need to press to access it. Press that button, and you will see the crew member sheet.

assign members to your crew in Starfield
You can access your Crew sheet through the ship menu. | Screenshot via Upcomer

On this menu, you can see all of your current crew members, what their current assignment is, and their specific Traits. This makes it easier to assign crew members to different positions, as you know who you have on your crew and what they specialize in. To assign a member to a position, simply click on their name and select where you want them to go.

Unfortunately, in the early portion of Starfield, you will likely have a few crew members without an assignment. Your starting ship, the Frontier, only allows for two active crew members at a time. This means if you recruit other crew members, they will simply sit on the ship without anything to do. You will need to acquire a new ship to send them to or build an Outpost to station them at.

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I wouldn’t worry too much about making sure each crew member has an assignment, though, at least in the early game. You will have plenty of opportunities to assign crew members to different positions down the line in Starfield.

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