How to add cannons to your ship in Skull and Bones
How to add cannons to your ship in Skull and Bones
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How to add cannons to your ship in Skull and Bones

Don't go out to sea without proper weaponry

Few things are more important in Skull and Bones than having weapons at the ready on your ship. Since the only combat in the game is out at sea, you need proper ways of defending yourself against enemy ships. However, if you can’t figure out how to add cannons to your ship, you might as well not leave the dock in Skull and Bones.

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Cannons are the primary weapons you’ll use to attack enemy ships. They can be placed on the bow and starboard/port sides of your ship, and you can equip different types of cannons at these locations. This allows you to customize which side of your ship has the best cannon range, damage, etc.

To see how to add cannons to your ship and customize them in Skull and Bones, keep reading my guide below.

Adding cannons to your ship in Skull and Bones

Fortunately, the process of adding cannons to any ship in Skull and Bones is a relatively easy one. However, you won’t be able to add cannons to your first raft-like ship you get after the opening fight of the game. You’ll have to wait until you build a new ship at the Shipwright in Sainte-Anne before you’re able to add cannons to it.

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Once your new ship, the “Bedar,” is created in Sainte-Anne, you’re able to access its ship menu at any dock. On the ship menu, you need to select “Manage Ship” and you’ll be brought to a new menu. Here, you’re able to add weapons, furniture, armor, cosmetics, and even name your ship. Naturally, if you’re looking to add cannons, you’ll want to select the “weapons” option on this menu.

In the weapons menu, you have the option to scroll through all three sides of the ship. When you’re on a specific side in the menu, you’re able to see every available cannon you have to equip. You receive new types of cannons by completing quests, checking your mail, or buying/crafting your own through various vendors. If you hover over any cannon, you can see its stats and how it compares with the cannon you currently have equipped on a side of your ship.

Whenever you receive a new cannon, all you need to do is place it in your inventory, your warehouse, or your ship’s inventory to have access to it in the weapons menu. Then, you can choose to add it to your ship or pick another cannon to go in its place.

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