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Just like with any other Demigod, Morgott drops a Great Rune upon his defeat in Elden Ring. Players loot this Great Rune and are able to activate its power at a Divine Tower. The one problem with this is that the Divine Towers are somewhat difficult to find in Elden Ring. This becomes even more challenging for players when they see that Altus Plateau, the region Leyndell is located in, has two separate Divine Towers.

So, the question becomes which Divine Tower do players go to activate Morgott’s Great Rune? This is in addition to figuring out how to actually get to these towers, as both are located out in the middle of nowhere. Below, you can find the answer to both of these questions.

Activating Morgott’s Great Rune in Elden Ring

To activate this Demigod’s Great Rune, you will need to visit the Divine Tower of East Altus. To reach this area, you need to go beyond Leyndell to the east, like you’re going to the Grand Lift of Rold and the Mountaintops of Giants.

If you haven’t reached those locations yet, you need to go to the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace. Go along the bridge with the white, musical enemies and drop down onto the gold rooftops. Keep going until you reach the main road and take a right. Go straight and open up the large gate. Head up the stairs and take the lift that’s located on the left side in a separate room. Go across the bridge, avoiding the horseback enemy, and reach the smaller tower.

Elden Ring Morgott's Great Rune
The bridge that lets you access the Divine Tower of East Altus. | Provided by FromSoftware

From here, instead of going straight to the lift, take a right in this room and go across another bridge. This will bring you to the foot of the Divine Tower of East Altus. You can open up the door, go up the lift and then follow the path to activate Morgott’s Great Rune at the top of the tower. You can equip his Great Rune at any Site of Grace. The Great Rune, when equipped, raises your maximum HP. You’ll need to use a Rune Arc, however, to fully activate the rune.

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