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After a certain point in the story of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, players will see power return to the city of Villedor. This comes after they escape Waltz and make it to the Central Loop with Lawan for the first time.

For some reason, Waltz turned on the power for the city after he stole the GRE Key from you. Of course, you stole the key right back and this resulted in the power not fully staying on. To return the city to its former glory, lights and all, you will need to activate electrical substations in Dying Light 2.

Electrical substations are buildings that can restore power to parts of the city. After you activate one, you can choose which faction, the survivors or peacekeepers, receives the bulk of that power. Whichever side you choose gives you some kind of benefit. However, to activate the substations, you need to do a bit of work.

Activating electrical substations in Dying Light 2

Your first electrical substation will be required to complete the main story. Once you paraglide down to it, you will talk to some peacekeepers who tell you to climb up and head inside to activate the substation. Inside, you will be told you need to connect every generator with its broken counterpart.

Each substation will have a different number of generators, but you’ll mostly be connecting three generators to three broken ones. To do this, you need to find the three green-lit generators. Make note of what number they have on top of them, as there will be a red-lit generator with the same number on it. You need to take a cable from the green-lit generator and physically run it to the broken one with the same number.

Dying Light 2 electrical substations
The in-game explanation for electrical substations. | Provided by Techland

However, you only have a set distance you can run with the cable. There’s only one route that will work between generators, meaning you need to find that route in order to connect the cable. This usually involves a hidden door or some kind of parkour. You can’t just take the cable and run it to the other generator in a straight line in most instances.

It will take some time to figure out where to go with each cable. However, as you activate more substations, you’ll get more adept at learning the routes to take with other cables.

Whenever you activate a substation, the area around it will light up. If you activate them all, then Villedor will once again be a beacon of light.

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