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THE FINALS is the latest contender in the first-person shooter genre, and people are jumping in to test it out for themselves. Find out how many concurrent players THE FINALS has in 2024.

Do you like shooting guns? Do you like smashing through walls, breaking down doors, and crashing through buildings? Do you want to be in a TV show? Then welcome to THE FINALS, this is the game for you.

Released on December 7, THE FINALS has already carved out its niche in the flooded FPS market, but if you haven’t played it before, you may be wondering if there are enough concurrent players to make downloading it worth the effort.

THE FINALS concurrent players

According to SteamDB, THE FINALS has averaged between 90,000 and 121,000 concurrent players for the week between December 26, 2023, and January 2, 2024.

The game’s overall peak concurrents came back on December 10, 2023, when 242,619 people were all online at the same time playing the FPS title.

A graph with a green bar that goes down slightly between December 8 and January 3.
A look at THE FINALS’ players numbers since release. Image via SteamDB

Of course, these numbers only include those who are playing the game on PC using Steam. Unfortunately, numbers including console players using Xbox Series X or PS5 are unavailable.

However, developers will occasionally release figures such as total player count should the game reach a significant milestone. Embark Studios has yet to do this, but we’ll be sure to update this article should they choose to do so.

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In terms of competition, THE FINALS couldn’t have launched at a worse time. 2023 saw the launch of Counter-Strike 2, capturing the attention of mouse and keyboard players, while Modern Warfare 3 dropped just a month before too.

They did manage to beat XDefiant to the punch though, who will perhaps live to rue the fact that they let THE FINALS hit the market before they did.

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