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Looking for the most impactful weapons now that The Finals is finally here? We got your back.

The Finals is the latest FPS that’s all about fast-paced, money chasing action and total destruction. The quick matches have teams of three duking it out to get the most cash, smashing windows, collapsing floors, and exploding walls along the way.

Here are the best weapons to bring along right now.

S-Tier weapons in The Finals


This semi-automatic pistol is the perfect weapon for someone with accurate aim. It has zero recoil and a fast fire rate, allowing you to tap heads with scary control and accuracy when you’re at medium range. This weapon has become a must-have early in the game’s existence.


With rapid fire and terrifying damage at close range, the XP-54 is perfect for mobile players that want to get up close and personal during combat. When you’re playing the Light build, you’ll find yourself at an advantage when you come face to face with enemies.

A-Tier weapons in The Finals


This is a great choice for the Medium class, an automatic with great range and damage. You’ll excel in mid-range combat but you can also dominate at a safe, long range if you have good accuracy. The AKM is very versatile but the recoil is something you’ll have to get used to.


If you like shotguns, you’ll want to grab this weapon while playing the Heavy class. Just one shot can take down most enemies. Of course, there isn’t a lot of precision with this close-range weapon but it has a large magazine size that makes it quite imposing when you’re fighting in someone’s face.

B-Tier weapons in The Finals


This is probably the best sniper rifle in The Finals, able to shoot enemies at an incredible range without bullet drop-off. This is probably not the most viable weapon in The Finals but if you have good communication with your teammates, you can easily camp out somewhere and take down unsuspecting enemies with ease.


Heavy players love taking out the Flamethrower and really wreaking some havoc. It’s very deadly while in close quarters, allowing you to blast the entire room with ease. This is a great weapon for players that like to just cause chaos and see enemies scramble.