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The Finals matchmaking issues explained

If you have been playing The Finals — or attempting to — since it was launched, you have probably noticed a lot of server and matchmaking issues. Here’s what’s going on and how to solve it.

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The Finals features incredibly fast and intense gunplay and satisfyingly destroyable buildings. But not everyone is satisfied with the new shooter since it came out after The Game Awards. This is largely due to a lot of server and matchmaking issues that seem to be basically game breaking this weekend.

A quick update went out Friday and since then, the severs have been a huge mess. One of the biggest problems has been with matchmaking in The Finals.

What are the matchmaking issues in The Finals?

The Finals matchmaking

On Reddit, one player wrote: “I can’t play with my friends anymore. Every time we queue one of us gets into the game and the rest get ‘Matchmaking failed, error code TRMF0100.'”

This sentiment was quickly echoed by the whole The Finals community. A lot of players noted that matchmaking basically doesn’t work, especially when you queue up with friends. One player even responded that when they queued up with a team, they were put into different matches from each other. Most just can’t get into a game at all.

Even worse, a lot of players are getting suspensions and bans that aren’t due to their own actions. This has prevented them from even trying to queue up again since they have to wait 30 minutes to hours. This has left gamers even more frustrated.

How to fix “matchmaking fails” error

Unfortunately, there won’t be a real solution to this error until developers return from their weekend break. It appears that the matchmaking issues happened after a quick patch was released on Friday and it may continue until developers come in with a hotfix.

For now, try these when you get the matchmaking failed error. Check to see if The Finals’ servers are working. If they are down, you won’t be able to queue up with or without friends.

You can also try changing your region if you believe that’s part of the issue. Here’s how:

  • Head to Settings in-game
  • Go to Region
  • Change your Preferred Region

If this doesn’t work, try restarting The Finals. But just remember that there are many problems facing the game right now that don’t seem to have a real solution for now. You’ll have to trudge through these persistent problems until The Finals developers come in with a plan.