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One of the most jaw-dropping locations in the entirety of Elden Ring is Leyndell, Royal Capital. The city is adorned with golden accents, dozens of buildings, a completely traversable underground sewer system and impressive structures all across its grounds. While the capital can be annoying to navigate at times, it’s arguably the most memorable location in the Lands Between. Unfortunately for players, Leyndell is locked until they’ve beaten a certain number of Demigod bosses in Elden Ring.

Even if players find out how to skip Margit and Godrick in Stormveil Castle and head straight to Leyndell, they won’t be allowed access. The capital requires the defeat of a specific number of Demigods; otherwise, the player isn’t seen as worthy enough to enter. Learn how many bosses you need to defeat to enter the capital below.

Entering Leyndell in Elden Ring

In order to gain entry to the Royal Capital in Elden Ring, players need to defeat a minimum of two Demigods. In total, before you reach Leyndell, there are four Demigods that you can choose to take on and defeat. In no particular order, they are Godrick, Rennala, Radahn and Rykard.

To enter Leyndell, all you need to do is defeat two of these Demigods. The easiest, by our estimates, are Godrick and Rennala. Of course, this entirely depends on your build. If you’re a melee user, you might struggle more against Godrick than a mage character would.

We recommend at least facing each of the Demigods once to see which ones you can defeat the easiest. This is solely for players looking to speed through the Elden Ring story as quickly as possible. If you want to take your time with the game, then we recommend trying to defeat every Demigod to earn the rewards that come from beating them. Also, Elden Ring is built upon exploring the regions these Demigods oversee, so defeating each one is a great way to cap off your exploration of a certain area.

Nevertheless, if you just want to enter Leyndell, you need to defeat two of these Demigods in Elden Ring.

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