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Enshrouded is a survival game through and through, and that means you have to establish a base in order to survive. You’re able to make bases in Enshrouded through the placement of Flame Altars, which allow you to build objects, stations, and more in a confined space.

At the start of the game, you are limited to just two bases, which is all you need for survival in the early game. However, as you start to progress in Enshrouded, your needs evolve and the desire for more bases will grow. Unfortunately, if you don’t complete specific actions, your base limit won’t go past two.

In the guide below, I’ll explain exactly how to increase your base limit and how many bases you can have active at the same time in Enshrouded.

What is the base limit in Enshrouded?

Screenshot via Upcomer

Currently, Enshrouded only allows you to increase your base limit by “Strengthening the Flame” at a Flame Altar. If you “Commune with the Flame” at a Flame Altar, a new menu will pop up that gives you a few options. One of those options is to Strengthen the Flame, which you want to press.

This brings up a new menu that tells your current Flame Level along with a few other stats. One of those stats is your current “Altar Activation Capacity,” which is basically how many bases you can have active. By default at Flame Level 1, your Altar Capacity will be at two. However, if you increase your Flame Level from one to two, your Altar Activation Capacity goes from two to four. This means you can now place four Flame Altars around the map in Enshrouded and start more bases.

To go from Flame Level one to two, you need to provide the required resources in the Strengthen the Flame menu. Reaching Flame Level 2 requires the following:

  • x5 Resin
  • x5 Red Mushroom
  • x5 Bones
  • x5 Shroud Liquid
  • x1 Spark
  • x5 Animal Fur
Screenshot via Upcomer

As you progress through the Flame Levels, the required resources will increase and call for more advanced materials. Your Altar Activation Capacity will also keep increasing. At this time, I don’t know what the maximum base limit is in Enshrouded, as I haven’t maxed out my Flame Level yet. However, you do get access to dozens of potential bases as you reach higher Flame Levels, so you shouldn’t have to worry about running out of bases for quite some time, if there is indeed a limit.

In addition to getting new base locations, placing down Flame Altars in Enshrouded also gives you fast travel points across the map. This is your primary form of fast travel, as the only other way to fast travel is to use the Ancient Spires. I recommend placing Flame Altars in strategic locations across the map so you can get from point to point much quicker.