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In 2022, game length is one of the most important aspects in a single-player campaign. Players want a long enough title to explore through but if that length runs on for too long, the game gets less and less enjoyable. Developers in the industry need to strike the right balance between length and quality.

Guerrilla Games did just that when they launched Horizon Zero Dawn in 2017. Now, their sequel to the hit title, Horizon Forbidden West, has players wondering if it will take the same amount of time to beat as the original. Luckily for fans of Zero Dawn, Forbidden West has been confirmed to be about as long as its predecessor.

Horizon Forbidden West takes the main character Aloy on a journey past her homeland of modern-day Colorado. Aloy must travel west of The Sundom to track down and stop a plague from killing everything in its wake. The game takes place in at least one major U.S. city, allowing players to explore new regions and utilize fresh mechanics.

This all adds up to a game that will take players around the same amount of time to beat as Guerrilla Games’ first title in the franchise.

Horizon Forbidden West’s game length

German website GamePro recently talked with Guerrilla Games to ask some questions surrounding Forbidden West. One of those questions related to game length, and GamePro stated that Horizon Forbidden West will take “about as long as its predecessor” to beat.

Zero Dawn’s length, however, was really up to the player. If one player decided to partake in every piece of side content, their experience with the game was much longer than someone who ran through the main story. However, according to the website HowLongToBeat, the average time to beat Zero Dawn comes in at 22 hours. This is extended to 44 hours if players complete every side mission and 60 hours if players accomplish everything in the game.

Players can expect to spend a similar amount of time beating Horizon Forbidden West when it releases on Feb. 4 for PlayStation 4+5. Before players pre-order the game, they can check out how the different editions compare to one another in terms of price and content.

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