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Like most Mario games, Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s levels are not so straightforward. Completionists have plenty to explore and discover and collect, and this includes the secret exit in Hot-Hot-Hot, a level in W6 Deep Magma Bog.

When you find this secret exit, you’ll discover a path to a hidden level called Break Time! Hot-Hot Rocks. This area has a Wonder Seed, so it’s worth discovering if you are a completionist or just curious about all of the interesting content hidden within Wonder.

Where to find the Hot-Hot-Hot! secret exit location

Hot-Hot-Hot has three Wonder Seeds to collect. The first two are pretty straightforward. The first you’ll get after completing the Wonder Flower sequence and the second from jumping on the flagpole at the end of the level. The third, however, is a bit of a mystery.

If you want to find it, you’ll need to locate the secret exit in Hot-Hot-Hot! Once you get to the level’s checkpoint, start backtracking and you’ll find the Hot-Hots to the left. You can use these to climb up to the top of the screen, using a dash, then a jump, and a Boosting Spin Jump to get to the cloud platform above.

Hit the flower on the platform and then the second one below you. After this, you can follow a mysterious sparkle path that goes all the way back and to the left. It eventually turns into a door.

Enter the door and you’ll be in a twilight version of Hot-Hot-Hot. Continue the level until you find the secret exit’s flagpole. You’ll get the third Wonder Seed and open the path to Break Time! Hot-Hot Rocks.