Hi-Rez announces the return of SMITE's clan system
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Hi-Rez announces the return of SMITE’s clan system

The clan system features will scale up in SMITE's next patch.
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Hi-Rez has announced the return of SMITE’s clan system. In the past, the clan system let players form groups and build communities while earning rewards.

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Notes for the test phrase listed changes to SMITE’s clan system as well. Before, the feature was removed because of performance issues that affected the game’s tech systems.

The clan system was disabled in 2020. “Clans have been disabled to reduce stress on SMITE servers,” the old update notes stated.

Clan system returns to SMITE
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System features will scale up

“There have been many improvements in the recent months to SMITE’s performance, and we are now prepared to roll Clans back into the game,” the newest patch notes stated.

Players can also expect the basic functions of the clan system to be available alongside the initial test. Features were removed in order to scale up safely.

The clan system will be monitored closely in terms of connectivity and performance. It may also be disabled again if any issues occur. Hi-Rez plans to have the clan system return to SMITE permanently. Another goal is to add more features and rewards over time.

Infernal Beast Guan Yu skin. | Provided by Hi-Rez

Clan membership changes

As for the changes, SMITE players will be removed from their respective clans. Clan leaders and promoted clan officers will have to manually invite their members back.

They can also rebuild by accepting applications from players. Friend referrals will be another option for players who wish to invite others to play SMITE.

In terms of the number of players allowed in a clan, it will be decreased from 1,000 to 300.

The honor points system, clan leveling system and the clan store have all been removed from SMITE as well. As for the clan chat feature, system text messages will no longer be sent out to every member of a clan.

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