Here’s the Well, Well, Well quest treasure location in Hogwarts Legacy
Well, Well, Well Hogwarts Legacy
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Here’s the Well, Well, Well quest treasure location in Hogwarts Legacy

The magical well leads you to some great treasure

If you heard a whimpering in the distance on the eastern side of the map in Hogwarts Legacy and decided to investigate, you likely stumbled across a woman stuck in the well. After going up to the well and speaking with the woman, you’ll receive a treasure map that the well gives you. This map was thrown into the well by someone unknown and it’s been lying dormant ever since. Now, though, you can go on an investigation to find the exact location of this treasure. This side quest is called “Well, Well, Well” in Hogwarts Legacy, and it takes players to various spots around the southern hamlets.

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However, if you want to simply learn where the treasure is so you can complete this side quest, then keep reading the guide below.

Well, Well, Well treasure location in Hogwarts Legacy

After accepting the quest from the magical well, you will be on the eastern side of the Hogwarts map, directly east of the castle. To find the location depicted on the treasure map, you’ll need to venture hundreds of meters south to the region of Feldcroft.

More specifically, you’re looking for a hamlet called Irondale, which is east of the major town of Feldcroft. Irondale is in between a couple of mountains, but you don’t need to head straight there. Instead, you want to head a little further south of Irondale to some ruins that are located near a ravine. You can see exactly where you need to go in the screenshot below.

Hogwarts Legacy Well Well Well
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At the ruins, you will be able to explore the remains of a castle. However, what you’re looking for is near the northern part of the area. You need to find a flat, stone bridge that’s just outside the ruins. It faces northwest across the small river that’s near the location. This bridge leads to a strange-looking tree.

Hogwarts Legacy
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Walk over to the tree across the bridge and cast the Leviosa spell on it. This will cause the tree to raise out of the ground and expose a treasure chest that’s been enveloped by the tree’s roots. Open the chest, and you’ll earn a reward, which is a nice treasure-seekers cap appearance. Earning this reward completes the Well, Well, Well side quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

If you’re stuck on any more treasure map quests in Hogwarts Legacy, you can check out our previous guides on the Ghost of Our Love and Cache in the Castle treasure hunts.


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