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Gundam Evolution is an upcoming multiplayer six-versus-six hero shooter set in the expansive Gundam franchise/universe. It will be free-to-play, and a release date for Steam and consoles was revealed after an interview with staff from Bandai Namco working on the game, in a video titled GUNDAM EVOLUTION – Mission Briefing.

Gundam Evolution release dates and more

The PC version will be released on September 22nd (21st in North America) and consoles will be on December 1st (November 30th for North America). Consoles that are supported are the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

The developers said in the video that the game will launch in Season 1 and each season will last around two months with new units/mobile suits being added every season.

The game will launch with 12 mobile suits drawn from different Gundam timelines or universes and players can unlock five additional mobile suits when Season 1 launches with Evo Coins or Capital Points, the latter being the in-game currency players earn from playing games. The five additional unlockable mobile suits are:-

  • Gundam Exia [Mobile Suit Gundam 00]
  • Marasai [UC – Universal Century]
  • Zaku II [Melee loadout, UC – Universal Century]
  • Mahiroo [Turn A Gundam]
  • Unicorn Gundam [Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn]
Unlockable mobile suits in Gundam Evolution Season 1
The additional unlockable mobile suits along with 12 at launch | Screencapped from GUNDAM EVOLUTION – Mission Briefing

Season 1 will also see the addition of four new maps: Wilderness Mining Field, Harbor City, Guiana Highlands and Security Terminal. This make a total of 10 playable maps and three playable modes: Point Capture, Domination and Destruction. You can learn more on those from their main website.

There are plans for many customization options for players such as mobile suit/unit skins, weapon skins, MVP scenes, stamps, emotes, player icon and ornaments. They also plan to add character-select animations and portrait customization. The developers said these options can be obtained through the game’s season pass or supply pods, and they plan to have more than 500 items on the game’s launch.

Players can also purchase the DX Edition; a bundle that includes all the unlockable units, along with nine legendary cosmetic items.

Esports and exhibition matches

The Gundam Evolution Esports account was created in August 2022, and made its first tweet to announce its intentions on August 24th.

The developers didn’t go into detail on how their esports circuit or ecosystem will work just yet; however, dates were set for special exhibition matches across the world after the game releases on PC.

Gundam Evolution events planned after September 2022 launch
Gundam Evolution events planned for Japan, North American and Taiwan after September 2022 launch | Screencapped from GUNDAM EVOLUTION – Mission Briefing

According to the developers, Japan will have their exhibition match planned for towards the end of September. North America’s showdown event will “feature popular influencers,” and the exhibition match in Taiwan is set for early October.

Gundam Evolution will join other popular hero shooter titles when it launches; as far as the esports plans, only time will tell.

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