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Ghost Gaming announced their return to competitive Apex Legends on Wednesday, June 30 with the signing of Tyler “Sickks” Clark, Gabe “Metro” Matthews and Scott “Pandxrz” Maynard. The Atlanta-based organization last had an Apex Legends squad competing under their banner in May of 2019.

Ghost Gaming’s new Apex Legends squad of Sickks, Metro and Pandxrz recently earned eighth place in the ALGS North American finals as ESA Black. The team was one of nine to reach Match Point in the nail-biting close event. They also took first place in GLL Community Cups #24 the weekend before the signing, competing as MST. The team joins G2, Aqualix and Pittsburgh Knights in the recent surge of signings in competitive Apex Legends.

Ghost Gaming on their return to Apex Legends

“Ghost is always looking to expand into new titles where we see promise and the ability to support the title and to build our brand in the gaming space as well as in the South East,” Ghost Gaming’s General Manager Tyler West said. “We felt like Apex lately has shown that potential and we have been looking into the competitive scene and the community a considerable amount lately until we found the right time to enter the space.”

Support for Apex esports certainly seems to be a goal at EA. Their staff has teased the return of ALGS in Sept., and major third-party events like BLAST Titans are on the rise.

When ALGS does return, Ghost plans to do more than just compete.

“When Ghost enters any title, we always have the expectation to… not only be competitive in the title but to win. And Apex is no exception,” West said. “We felt that, even after speaking to [the new squad] for the first time, we shared mutual goals for the esports and gaming space as well as within Apex itself. Also with the majority located in the Southeast, we knew we had found the right fit for Ghost within Apex.”