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Earlier today, another high profile esports organization disbanded its Apex Legends roster. Ghost Gaming, prominent members of other battle royale genres, decided to release their players. Citing Apex Legends‘ murky future as their reasoning, they leave four players without an organization.

Even though Apex Legends is still relevant in the gaming world, its esports ventures have been nonexistent. Besides the monthly Code Red tournaments, there are no official competitive matches happening. However, some organizations decided to sign players anyway. They hoped the game’s popularity would allow Respawn Entertainment to put forth an effort into competitive.

It did not, to say the least.

Scarce updates for Apex Legends

Since its launch in February, Apex Legends has only received a handful of updates. While a flood of updates isn’t always the best thing — see Fortnite recently — almost no updates are just as bad. For Apex, not only are there scarce updates, but the quality is also far worse than any other battle royale.

Pairing these stale updates with the current state of the game, it makes sense that the game’s popularity has died down. Even with many complaining about the state of Fortnite, most people would still rather play that over Apex.

In the competitive scene for Apex, though, players still grind out scrimmages. Most have an organization behind them, which motivates the players to keep their hope that Respawn will eventually deliver.

However, Ghost Gaming may have knocked over the first domino by releasing their roster.

Ghost Gaming opts out

Many fans saw something like this coming. Respawn has been doing very little on the development front. Almost no new content, lackluster updates, and median support for competitive has been the name of the game for the studio.

With all this looming around Apex Legends, Ghost Gaming decided to cut ties with its roster. Consisting of “Chris”, “Jay3”, “Mohr”, and “peesh”, the now defunct roster will try to find a home with another organization.

Peesh and Jay3 tweeted about their release:


While some might think this is unfair of Ghost Gaming, they are somewhat justified. Apex Legends does not have a bright future in esports as of right now. Yes, their online tournaments attract a fair amount of viewers, but that cannot carry an esport.

Along with this, Apex Legends has had many in-game glitches and bugs for weeks, and little has been done about it. If Respawn wants this to be a successful battle royale esport — or game in general — they need to get to work. If they don’t, Ghost Gaming won’t be the only organization moving on to greener pastures.

What do you think about Ghost Gaming’s decision? Let us know in the comments. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Apex Legends news and updates.

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