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On Saturday, Groups A and B of the North American Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 Pro League faced off, with G2 ultimately coming out on top of both the day and the region’s overall ALGS leaderboard.

G2 take ALGS Pro League Match Day 9

G2 showed off tremendous strength during Saturday’s matches, taking the Apex Champions spot for Match 2, Match 5 and Match 6. During Match 2, the squad of Tyler “Deszignful” Gardner, Jordan “Resultuh” Resulta and Rigo “Gentrifyinq” Padilla walked away with a combined 15 kills and 6,078 damage. This performance immediately boosted them to first, tied with Match 1’s winners, LMK.

Though RCO esports and TSM both put games on the board to boost their own standings (Match 3 and 4, respectively), G2 weren’t done yet. They took the final two games in consecutive wins, shorting up their score with excellent placement and kills. After Match 5 alone they were ahead by 11 points. Match 6 saw G2’s lowest scoring round, with only 11 combined kills and 4,722 damage. But it was still enough to put them in the day’s top slot at 82 points – 31 more points than the second place SCRY, who finished with 51.

This was G2’s second consecutive day of excellent performance in the ALGS Pro League. They placed second in Saturday’s lobby of Group A vs. Group D with 70 points. Spacestation Gaming beat them out for first with 85. After Day 8, G2 were placed third in NA ALGS Split 2 Pro League, but after Sunday’s showing they are firmly on top of the leaderboard with 104 points. NRG, who have also been having a great season so far, are a close second at 98.

These point standings are becoming increasingly important as the Split 2 Playoffs in Stockholm, Sweden on April 29 draw near. Only the top ten North American teams will qualify for the playoffs, which is going to be the first in-person event for the ALGS in two years. It’s an exciting prospect, but only those who rack up enough playoff points by the end of the season will be able to compete on the international stage.

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