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After months of teasing their “Project P”, a new game studio, Odyssey Interactive, finally revealed their world premiere gameplay footage of their first game, Omega Strikers. Created by a studio founded by former Riot Games developers and leads, the game definitely uses some League of Legends roots for its multiplayer experience, but brings in a sports-like arcade experience to separate itself from the crowded esports market.

Omega Strikers is set up like a 3v3 MOBA brawler, but instead of killing the enemy team on a map, the goal is the score points on a field. Players use their “Strikers” abilities and movement to move around a puck-like object through the enemy side of the field with the objective of pushing it past the goalie for points. In the initial gameplay trailer shown off on the official live stream, the field is fully visible at all times with a top-down view.

A first look at what the game is about. Teams of three fight against each other to score on the enemy team. | Provided by Odyssey Interactive.

Just like in League and other MOBA titles, each character in the game brings something completely unique to the playstyle of the game. And its anime-style aesthetic is bound to please the esports audience.

According to Senior community and social lead at Odyssey Interactive, Travis “Aesop” Walton the game has been in development over the past two years and with the first round of pre-alpha playtests resulting in incredibly positive feedback, the team decided to pursue the title as their first major game. Through various alpha playtests featuring many prominent content creators in the gaming industry, the feedback even late in development remained overwhelmingly positive. Aesop noted that players could not put the game down.

“They were like ‘we need more of this; don’t close the servers’.” Aesop said of the players in the alpha playtests. “It’s suspicious how everyone has been so positive.”

A look at the initial roster for the game. 10 unique Strikers with different looks, abilities and playstyles. | Provided by Odyssey Interactive.

Only time will tell if that will keep up; for players looking to play the game themselves, a closed beta is now officially open. Players can get into the beta by watching streams for beta keys. Omega Strikers is available on Steam and will be coming to mobile devices at a later date.

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