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The Apex Legends Global Series Europe, Middle East and Africa region’s Split 1 Playoffs concluded with a bang after ten exhilarating matches. NEW surprised the world by taking the ALGS EMEA Split 1 Playoffs crown away from the likes of Alliance, Gambit and Invictus.

With such a long series, it’s no surprise that there were plenty of upsets and exciting moments during the stream. Here are some of the very best from the ALGS EMEA Split 1 Playoffs.

Alliance clinging to a cliffside in Game 3

During Game 3, Alliance found themselves in a ridiculous situation. They were situated on a cliff face, with the encroaching ring on one side, and several teams on the other. Alliance were on the low ground, quite literally stuck between a rock and a hard place as the ring began to move again. But, none of the teams above them were able to take them down as they waited for an opportunity to climb up. It wasn’t until they finally made it up that they fell to Gambit, who ultimately stopped them from ending the Playoffs in three games.

Gambit deny Alliance a three game series

Magicians win Game 7

Thanks to incredible positioning, Magicians took game 7 from tournament favorites, Alliance. But that’s not the most surprising aspect of this win. Leading up to this game, Magicians were sitting at #19 out of 20. The prior six games, they were consistently being batted around by the other teams and ranking at the bottom. But here, the squad leveraged every advantage they had to take Alliance down when they were weakest and snatch away a win, rocketing them to #9.

NEW clutch out to take the series to game 9

Going into Game 8, there were six teams on match point: Alliance, Gambit Esports, Invictus Gaming, 69iQ Esports, MajorPushers and GMT Esports. If any of these squads won the game, they would also win the Playoffs. But Portuguese free agent team NEW said “not today,” and flanked Natus Vincere to take the game for themselves and keep the competition alive.

Solaris force a Game 10

To say that no one was expecting this outcome in Game 9 would be an understatement. Though not quite as low as Magicians had been, Solaris were consistently hanging in the bottom five of this tournament up to this point. After Game 8, they were #17 with only 32 points – compared to Alliance’s 100.

In this final circle, Solaris were facing off against a weakened 69iQ. The up and comers were down a squad mate, while Solaris were still at a full three stack. Leveraging this and their high ground positioning, Solaris were able to claim a win of their own, pushing the series to Game 10.

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