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As you may know if you follow the endless stream of pre-Season 2 Apex Legends leaks, Crypto is coming. And according to one theorist, he may arrive in Kings Canyon as soon as tomorrow.

Who is Crypto?

Korean legend Talchum was the first upcoming legend Respawn ever showed us. They hid him in the background of a piece of promo art featuring Pathfinder. So, we all inadvertently got a glimpse of him around the time Apex Legends launched. We know he will compete in the Apex Games under the moniker Crypto.

Pathfinder art Apex Legends Respawn Battle Royale
Respawn’s official Apex Legends release art featured a hidden Crypto in the background.

More recently, YouTuber Staycation released a video detailing a pretty wild and exciting theory involving the legend. It connects the recent Crypto teaser found in game files with the narrative of Wattson’s arrival.

According to the theory – which is very popular with the Apex community – Crypto plays a role in Season 2’s opening event. Specifically, he is the cause behind it. The legend’s leaked skillset centers around hacking and “jamming.” Supposedly, he will use these abilities to sabotage the Repulsor equipment. The equipment in question is responsible for keeping the Leviathans at bay. Incidentally, we already know the opening event will involve the Leviathans marching into Kings Canyon from the sea.

Staycation believes this will all unfold tomorrow.

Surprise reveal

According to his theory, Respawn may just unveil Crypto on June 18. After all, Apex‘s Season 1 Battle Pass ends then, as does the Legendary Hunt event. Then there is a big, two-week gap left until the official start of Season 2 on July 2. Staycation believes something has to fill that gap. And for the Wattson-fixes-Repulsor narrative to play out, that something should be Crypto.

Of course, this is just a theory. It’s entirely possible Respawn has no plans for an event in the time between tomorrow and Season 2 launches. We will find out really soon either way.

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