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Fall Guys has already amassed a player base of over 150,000 people. Not only does this game appeal to competitive battle royale players, but it is also a game where casual players can still have fun. It is such a simple game, but at the same time, still competitive. You can gain a crown by completing various tasks such as obstacle courses, avoiding falling fruit, and more. This game is so popular that it currently has a bid going on for a character skin, in which the highest bid is currently 130,000 dollars.

With Fall Guys becoming more and more known in the world today, it seems like everyone has been getting a crown (a win) except for one streamer—TimTheTatman. TimtheTatman has played with streamers like Ninja, CouRage, and DrLupo, and all of them have obtained crowns. They have gone so far to throw their games to get Tim his first game. Going back to the topic of Tim, FaZe clan made a tweet where the official Fall Guys Twitter had responded tagging Tim as a player who will never make a certain jump.

Fall Guys Roasting Tim

Tim has still kept trying to win despite the developers bashing him on twitter and was even excited about being tagged on Twitter. However, Fall Guys took this even further by saying, “It doesn’t look like [Tim] will ever be able to achieve a crown,” and “Would you like [Fall Guys] to gift you one… You can pretend you won it if you like, we won’t tell anyone.” Still, Tim has been playing for a week now still pushing to get his first win.

Even ESPN posted an article to track if Tim obtained a crown and shows tweets of him raging on Twitter. Little kids have hopped on and already gotten their first crown, whereas Tim, who has been playing video games for years, has yet to acquire one himself. The real question is will Tim ever get a crown, or will the Fall Guys developers not let that happen?

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