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Even though Season 1 of Apex Legends is relatively fresh, we may already have some insight on Season 2’s release date. Based on a screenshot taken of the PlayStation Store, it seems as though June 4 is when Season 1 of Apex Legends will come to a close. In keeping with other battle royale titles, that would mean Season 2 could arrive just days after that.

Of course, Respawn Entertainment could wait a little while longer to launch Season 2. With the criticism over Season 1’s Battle Pass, the developers could change their timetable.

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Season 2 of Apex Legends

If the PlayStation Store is correct and Season 1 ends on June 4, Season 2 should launch a few days later. With the length of Season 1 being around two and a half months, Respawn shouldn’t want to keep fans waiting much longer.

With other battle royale titles, such as Fortnite, the length of a season goes for right around two months. However, unlike other titles in the genre, Apex Legends requires an inordinate amount of time to level up your Battle Pass. There are other methods of leveling up, such as buying tiers, but an ordinary player will spend months trying to reach tier 100.

While quite time-consuming, it does explain why Respawn gave players a little extra time in Season 1. Another half month gives players more of a chance to reach higher rewards.

What players can expect in Season 2

The first season for Apex Legends didn’t go over so smoothly with the community. There was a huge backlash from fans wanting more and better rewards in the Battle Pass. Also, the cheating issue was at an all-time high when Season 1 launched, but that’s somewhat resolved now.

With this criticism of the first season, Respawn needs to make sure Season 2 is spotless. This likely means they will take the community’s feedback and improve the criticized areas.

Though there’s been no official announcement, both Wattson and at least one other legend will come to Apex Legends soon. It’s unknown when they will make their appearance in King’s Canyon, but Season 2 is a safe bet. Octane released along with the Season 1 Battle Pass, so either Wattson or another legend should release with Season 2.

One of the most criticized aspects of Season 1’s Battle Pass is the cosmetics. With games like Fortnite in the genre, Apex Legends’ cosmetics need to be stunning to remain competitive. Players should expect a huge revamp in both character and weapon cosmetics when Season 2 rolls around.

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