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Apex Legends: Escape, or Season 11, is arriving for all players on Nov. 2. In the lead-up to the release date, Respawn Entertainment and EA have been dropping teasers for the season. The developers released the official patch notes for Escape along with the full scope of Ash’s abilities, the new legend. Prior to all of that, though, one developer at Respawn released the entirety of the Storm Point map coming to Apex Legends.

Storm Point is the long-awaited tropical map that fans have waited for since 2020. Aside from an entirely new playable area, Storm Point will introduce a fresh transportation system to allow easier traversal of the map. There’s also a water aspect, which covers a solid amount of the map. Surrounding the water are the points of interest on Storm Point, which fans can see in their entirety below.

All POIs on Storm Point in Apex Legends

The first image of Storm Point’s entire map was revealed by developer Rodney Reece. Fans were excited to see the layout of Storm Point but, for those who haven’t seen it, they can check out all of the points of interest below.

  • North Pad
  • The Wall
  • Highpoint
  • Checkpoint
  • Lighting Rod
  • Thunder Watch
  • Command Center
  • Cascade Falls
  • Storm Catcher
  • The Mill
  • Launch Pad
  • Antenna
  • Barometer
  • Cenote Cave
  • Ship Fall
  • Gale Station
  • Fish Farms
Storm Point POIs in Apex Legends: Escape
The Storm Point map in Apex Legends: Escape. | Provided by EA

As fans can see, around half of the bottom section of the map is surrounded by water. According to Reece, this water can’t drown players and legends can’t swim in the water either. The water will be shallow enough so that players can walk in it.

Reece also stated that the red dots around the map are wildlife camps, which will possibly hold Spiders or Prowlers for players to encounter. Lastly, Storm Point is around 15% larger than World’s Edge in terms of the playable area.

Fans will get to decide which spots are considered hot drops and where all of the best loot is found when Storm Point releases with Apex Legends: Escape on Nov. 2.

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